websites with guarantees not SLAs

for most people that buy a car the following truths hold:

  1. they choose the model, style and colour up front from a wide selection that were designed by professional vehicle designers
  2. they don't need to know how it works, just how to drive it
  3. they don't expect to customise any aspect of the vehicle just a few configurable options or extras
  4. they don't expect to constantly return the vehicle to the manufacturer for improvements or fixes

when a small business requires a standard company website they shouldn't expect (or pay for) anything more

  1. select a website style from a selection of predefined themes then personalise this with a colour palette and logo
  2. operate the website through an intuitive backend with the help of easy to use documentation
  3. select required functionality from a set of ready to use plug-ins and accept that their design and function have been refined and optimised through use on thousands of websites before
  4. pay for setup once off and hosting as required

most company websites are ideally suited to be built on a common platform with a popular theme. few websites require the customisation and constant support offered by web design/development houses. common platforms are maintained and improved constantly by thousands of contributors, customisations are difficult to upgrade and maintain. a well chosen platform already offers all the functionality that most websites require, adding custom "tweaks" is expensive and 99.9% of the time unnecessary. popular themes are compiled by experienced web designers and take into account current design trends and best practices. a few changes to alter the colour palette and personalise a good theme are more often than not enough to turn a common web platform into a great website

the hope.bailie solution is simple. a well designed theme, tweaked to match the customers look and feel on top of a world class and open source platform. setup is included and guarantee that the website will do everything it says on the tin.

no monthly retainer. no customisations. what you really need at a price you can easily afford.